Dear Parent and Caregiver,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome your child to my classroom. It is going to be an exciting year of exploration and learning. Your child is part of a classroom community that explores new interests, collaborates, thinks and talks about new understandings, and reads and writes every day. Your child is on a journey that will lead to increased literacy learning through reading, writing, listening and speaking across every part of the school day. Over the course of the year, your child will read, think about, and write about a lot of different books for a variety of purposes. Some books I will read aloud to the class to spark children’s ability to think deeply about books. The whole class will read other books and poems together as a shared experience. Children will read some books in a small group to allow me to provide individualized instruction for your child. Children will also have the opportunity to choose books based on their interests and read those books independently, giving them time to practice all that they are learning about reading. Your child may respond to all of these different books through talking and writing. Your child will experience books at many different reading levels throughout the course of the day. Some books will be above the level at which your child typically reads independently. I will read these books aloud, or the class will read them together. Your child will also read books that are slightly challenging but with my support and instruction. These books are essential for lifting your child’s ability to read. Your child will also be reading books independently. Your child may choose to read books that are easy, just right, or even somewhat challenging for them. The important thing is for children to experience many different books throughout their day. All reading will contribute to the growth your child will experience this year.

As parents and caregivers, you are a critical part of your child’s literacy development. Here are some ways that you can support your child:

• Listen to your child read the books that are sent home from school.
• Read books aloud to your child. 
• Talk about books together.
• Go to the library.
• Encourage your child to write for authentic purposes (such as a grocery list, a letter, or directions).
• Sing songs together.
• Recite poetry together.
• Talk with your child about a variety of topics.
• Encourage your child to play outside every day.
• Encourage play in which your child uses imagination.

All these activities support your child’s developing literacy skills. I look forward to the journey our class will take together this year. Your child is an important member of this learning community. If I can be of any help or answer any questions you may have, please feel free to contact me. Thank you in advance for all your support this year.