U.S. History Skinny

Class Policies:  

  1. Students are expected to be in their assigned seats with all class materials (listed above) on time.  If a student has an unexcused tardy for three times or more in a quarter, they will have office detention, as per the student handbook.

  2. Students are expected to be respectful to all people and property in the classroom.  No food or drink, except water, will be allowed in class.  

  3. All student work must be placed in the appropriate basket before class begins.  ½ credit is given for late work.

  4. Make up work must be turned in on time per student handbook to receive credit.  

  5. It is extremely important to be in class on test days.  Choir lessons are not an excuse to be late or absent on a test day.  Ample notice will be given before test day so lessons can rescheduled in advance. Tests will need to be made up within one day of return, unless  teacher approval is given for an alternate arrangement.

  6. No cell phones or I-Pods are allowed in class.  If seen in class they will be held by teacher until class is over, or sent to the office for pick up as determined by teacher.


Plagiarism/Cheating Policy: You are required to do your own work.  Any student who is caught cheating will be given a zero for that assignment and then sent to the office.  

Elementary: Resource Room Expectations

1.  Be on time for class.

2.  Be prepared to learn.

3.  Be prepared to listen to the teacher.

4.  Be prepared to interact with others.

5. Be prepared to read, read, and read some more.