Promoting our Above The Line Behaviors

This year, as part of our KoMet PRIDE behavior plan, our classroom will be participating in the Mr. C Bucks program.

Mr. C Bucks:

Mr. C Bucks work much like money in the real work, except they are only accepted as currency in our classroom. Students can earn Mr. C bucks for showing positive (above the line) behaviors in the classroom and in our school and lose them when they demonstrate negative (below the line and bottom line) behaviors. Our first reading and math units discuss how money is used, how to save money, and how to earn it. This program will teach students that their jobs is to be an engaged student, both with our curriculum and our behavior plans. On Friday afternoon students can spend one Mr. C buck on a small prize (fancy erasers or a treat) or they can save their money.

Mr. C Auction:

At the end of each quarter we have a Mr. C Auction. Students are allowed to bring in gently used toys, board games, puzzles, books, video games, or collectibles for the auction. Anything brought into the auction goes into our Treasure Chest and is auctioned off at the end of the quarter. Every student leaves the auction with a donated item from the treasure chest. If our Treasure Chest is short on prizes I will provide small items from our local stores. This auction teaches students how to save their money for things they really want and shows them the importance of giving back to others that are less fortunate then they may be. Students should check with their parents/guardians before bringing items to put in the Treasure Chest.

If you have any questions about Mr. C Bucks or the Mr. C Auction please contact me. This program has been a huge hit with students over the last eight years.