Classroom Pledge


I pledge to be a model student.

I will try my best to listen and be “above the line.”

I will be nice to others and have fun.

If others bother me, I will tell them

how I feel to solve problems.


Throughout the year, we will be talking about what it means to demonstrate “Above the Line,” “Below the Line,” and “Bottom Line” behaviors. To be “Above the Line” means that we are being model students and making good choices (being kind to others, following rules, etc). We will always strive to be “Above the Line.” 

We have a discipline chart that looks like a stoplight. The top of the chart says “On the Road to Model Student Behavior.” Each student has a race car that starts on the green circle of the stoplight. Being in the green circle means that student is making choices that represent a model student who is demonstrateing “Above the Line” behaviors. If a student makes a choice that is a “Below the Line” or “Bottom Line” behavior, these consequences will follow:
  • First Consequence: The student is warned and asked to move his/her car to the yellow circle.
  • Second Consequence: 
    • The student is asked to move his/her car to the red circle. Depending on the behavior, the student will receive either a “Stop and Think” form from me or a “Red Card.” Each situation is handled on a case-by-case basis depending on the infraction as well as the number of times the student has moved his/her car to the red circle.
    • Please note: If a student makes a choice listed on the “Immediate Office Referral” side of the red card, he/she will not get a warning and will be sent immediately to the office.