Here are some websites for you to try!

Reading Sites:  is a great site to help with reading! This is author Jan Brett's website. This is author Eric Carle's website. This is Dr. Jean's website. This is Dr. Suess fun website.  There are a list of his books and some fun games to try too! This website features Curious George!


Book Adventures  This website has some games for learning contractions!

Math Sites!

Free Math Worksheets! It has games for addition, subtraction, money, time, plus more. This website helps with counting money and making change. - gives a list of games related to patterns.  This is a website to help count base 10 blocks.  This website will help you count base 10 blocks.

Fun Sites!  Try these sites for games and activitiy pages! This site will help you make word searches and other puzzles.  A webiste dedicated to profiding games for all subjects. will help you learn how to type.

Sign Language This site tells you and shows you how to make some signs.