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Reading Ideas:


Before Reading
                    *look at the title and illustrations together. Guess what the book is about. 
                    *Discuss what you both already know about the topic of the story.
                    *Read the first page and then ask your child to guess what might happen.



During Reading
                    *Encourage your child to picture in his/her mind what is happening    
                    in the story.
                    *Ask what might happen next in the story.
                    *Have your child change his or her guesses as the story provides new info.
                    *Ask how a character might feel.
                    *Talk about the illustrations.



After Reading
                    *Have your child retell the story, and create a new ending together.
                    *Reread the story and together recite any repeated phrases.
                    *Retell the story from another character's point of view.
                    *Let your child illustrate his or her favorite part of the story.
                    *Think about the story together by responding to prompts such as:
                        "I liked..." "I felt..." "I didn't like..." or "I learned.."