Use a compass and straightedge to construct geometric figures.
Identify properties of polygons.
Classify quadrangles according to side and angle properties.
Name, draw, and label line segments, lines, and rays.
Identify and describe right angles, parallel lines, and line segments.
Know addition and subtraction facts.
On-Line Activities:
Drawing Tool
Vocabulary Hidden Picture

Puzzle Parlor 
Paper Pool

Unit 2 Learning Goals - ORGANIZING DATA
Display data with a line plot, bar graph, or tally chart.
Use the statistical landmarks median, mode, and range.
Use the statistical landmarks maximum and minimum.
Subtract multi digit numbers.
Add multi digit numbers.
Read and write to hundred millions; give values to hundred millions.
Find equivalent names for numbers.
On-Line Activities:
Cookie Dough
Hangman Rounding
One False Move
Train Race
Place Value

Seashell Rounding

Solve open sentences.
Understand the function and placement of parentheses in number sentences.
Determine whether number sentences are true or false.
Solve addition and subtraction number stories.
Use a map scale to estimate distances.
Know division facts.
Know multiplication facts.
Understand the relationship between multiplication and division.
On-Line Activities:
Interactive Multiplication
Math Car Racing
Math Mayhem

Operation Order
Airport Calculator

Unit 4 Learning Goals - DECIMALS
Express metric measures with decimals.
Convert between metric measures.
Read and write decimals to thousandths.
Compare and order decimals.
Draw and measure line segments to the nearest millimeter.
Use personal references to estimate lengths in metric units.
Solve 1- 2 digit decimal addition/subtraction and number stories.
Draw and measure line segments to the nearest centimeter.
On-Line Activities:
Decimal Place Values
Decimal Subtraction
Measure It!

Unit 5 Learning Goals - ESTIMATION
Use exponential notation to represent powers of 10.
Know extended multiplication facts.
Make magnitude estimates for products or multi digit numbers.
Solve multi digit multiplication problems.
Round whole numbers to a give place.
Read and write numbers to billions; name the values of digits to billions.
Compare large numbers.
Estimate sums.
On-Line Activities:
Number Monster
Multiplying Tens
Map Scale
Rounding Off

Unit 6 Learning Goals - DIVISION
Identify locations on Earth for latitude and longitude.
Find latitude and longitude for given locations.
Solve whole number division problems.
Express remainders as fractions and the answer as a mixed number.
Interpret the remainder in division problems.
Name and locate points specified by ordered pairs on a coordinate grid.
Identify acute, right, obtuse, straight
, and reflex angles.
Make turns and fractions.
On-Line Activities:
Lunar Adventure
What's the Point
Find Your Longitude

Unit 7 Learning Goals - FRACTIONS
Add and subtract fractions.
Rename fractions with denominators of 10 and 100 as decimals.
Apply basic vocabulary and concepts associated with change events.
Compare and order fractions.
Find equivalent fractions for given fractions.
Identify the whole for fractions.
Identify fractional parts of a collections of objects.
Identify fractional parts of a region.
On-Line Activities:
Fraction Frenzy
Fraction Tool Game
Fresh Baked Fractions
Fish Tank
Math Splat
Fractional Sets of Numbers

Unit 8 Learning Goals - AREA/PERIMETER
Make and interpret scale drawings.
Use formulas to find areas of rectangles, parallelograms, and triangles.
Find the perimeter of a polygon.
Find the area of a figure by counting unit squares.
On-Line Activities:
Area of a rectangle
Area of a parallelogram
Area of a triangle
Shape Surveyor

Unit 9 Learning Goals - PERCENTS
Use an estimation strategy to divide decimals by whole numbers.
Use an estimation strategy to multiply decimals by whole numbers.
Find a percent or a fraction of a number.
Convert between easy fractions, decimals, and percents.
Convert between hundredths-fractions, decimals, and percents.
Use a calculator to rename any fraction as a decimal or percent.
On-Line Activities:
Fraction-Decimal Conversion
Penguin Waiter
Multiplying Decimals

Unit 10 Learning Goals - REFLECTION/SYMMETRY
Add integers.
Rotate figures.
Translate figures.
Use a transparent mirror to draw the reflection of a figure.
Identify lines of symmetry, reflection, reflected figures, and figures with symmetry.
On-Line Activities:
Fold These Shapes
Line Jumper

Unit 11  Learning Goals - SOLIDS/WEIGHTS
Use a formula to calculate volumes of rectangular prisms.
Subtract positive and negative integers.
Add positive and negative integers.
Estimate weight of objects in ounces/grams, weigh objects in ounces/grams.
Solve cube-stacking volume problems.
Describe properties of geometric solids.
On-Line Activities:
Polyhedra Gallery
Animal Weigh In

Unit 12 Learning Goals - RATES
Find unit rates.
Calculate unit prices to determine which product in the "better buy".
Evaluate reasonableness of rate data.
Collect and compare rate data.
Use rate tables to solve rate problems.
On-Line Activities: