*** Rollerblading will be outside ***

All students will be required to wear protective gear-knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards.  

The school has equipment available for students to use but students may bring in their own.

Please make sure each item is labeled with the students’ name.  Students may also bring their own rollerblades. 

The wheels must be clean and skates labeled.

Learning basic rollerblading skills is the main emphasis of this unit. 

Roller Blading/Roller Skating Skills

1.  Quick Stop (T-stop, snowplow, quick turn)

2.  Moving around and stepping over equipment

3.  Making one "small" if losing balance-falling safely

4.  Backwards skate

5.  Zig Zag Skate

6.  Partner Skate

7.  Tunnel/Arch Skate

8.  Limbo Bar Skate

9.  Changing direction during lap skate

10.  Dances and Games

11.  Bike Trail Etiquette

If you have any questions- please contact Nate Hamm at 634-1234

or email me at