Kindergarten students do not have formal art instruction in the Art Classroom.....BUT, they are able to experiment with art concepts in the STEAM Kindergarten program.  Here are also a few ideas you can work on with your kindergartener to prepare them for the Art Classroom next year!










1.  Drawing:

Demonstrate and practice a variety of lines.  Encourage your child to use the entire space on the paper.  Ask about his/her ideas and listen to the explanations of the drawing.

2.  Coloring:

Encourage smooth and even coloring.  Talk about how to use different kinds of pressure on the crayon.  For example, light pressure will give you a light value of the color, hard pressure will give you a dark value.  Encourage your student to practice the fine motor skill of "staying in the lines".....BUT relax....this will come with time. 

3.  Cutting:

Demonstrate and practice even and controlled cutting.  Start with cutting on straight lined paper.  Once that is mastered, try cutting out drawings or pictures from a coloring book or magazine.