I earned my Bachelor's degree from Winona State University.  I then continued my education at the University of Minnesota and St. Mary's University. 

I am licensed to teach Social Studies, Learning Disabilities, Emotional Behavioral Disorders, and Reading.  Reading and History are two things I have loved since I was a child.

Teaching Background:
I started my teaching career in Florida as a special education teacher.  I was there for three years and then returned to Minnesota where I have taught ever since.

Current Assignment:
I am working in both the high school and elementary buildings this year.  The district is allowing me to combine my special education background with my degree in Social Science and my love of History.  I will be working with in the high school teaching a U. S. History 10 skinny, and the rest of my day will be in the resource room at the elementary school. 

Parent involvement is always a large part of a child's success.  Please take any and all opportunities to read to your child and or listen to them read to you.  Ask your child what they would like to read or hear to make sure that they are interested in the material.  Good things happen when children and their families spend time reading.

For my high school students, the best thing parents can do with them is to discuss their learning during the day.  Find out what unit of study we are on and talk to them about the different people and events and how they may relate to today's world and or how those people or events have had an influence on our country.