I teach Science for both my class and for Mr. Naylor's class. We will switch two days a week. Mr. Naylor will be teaching Social Studies. We will be incorporating many STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) investigations during our units. We will work hard to expand our observation and inquiry skills throughout the year! Students will also have a Project Lead the Way class with Mrs. Bronk two days a week! Exciting!!
Calling All Scientists! Visit These Super Science Sites...
  Measurement Quiz - Practice measuring objects in centimeters and inches. Work your way through the levels!
  Measure It! - Here's a game that will help you practice your measurement skills! Start with "easy" and work your way up to "super hard!"
Engineering & Inventions:
  Simple and Compound Machines - Check out this awesome site and practice identifying common simple and compound machines.
  Forgotten Inventors - Learn more about the inventors behind common items like the frisbee and blue jeans.
  Ancient Inventions - Discover inventions from hundreds to thousands of years ago!
Human Body:
  All About the Human Body - Learn about the various systems of the human body and how to be healthy! There are tons of games, videos, quizzes, and other activities that will support your learning!

  Label the Bones - Learn about the skeletal system by labeling the bones in a human body! Added challenge: assemble the bones!
  What Are Germs? - Find out about germs by listening to this article!
  Illnesses and Injuries - From the flu to nosebleeds to broken bones, learn about tons of illnesses and injuries.
Electricity & Magnetism:
  The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits - Whoa! This site is an awesome way to learn about conductors/insulators and simple/compound circuits by completing lots of cool activities.
  Magnazone - Help Magnus Magnet classify materials as magnetic or non-magnetic.
States of Matter:
  Solid, Liquid, or Gas? - Play this quiz game to test your knowledge of solids, liquids, and gases!
Rocks & Minerals:
  Virtual Rock Collection - View a photograph of MANY different types of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks.
  Minerals for Kids - Discover how to identify common minerals by using mineral properties. Check out the "Minerals in House" section to see what minerals can be found in your home!