Increase your Math Skills, Mathematicians!
The best way to increase your math skills is to practice, practice, practice! I've compiled a list of my favorite websites for practicing skills and facts. If you have another favorite, let me know. I'd be happy to add it to the list! 


Check Out These Incredible Math Links...
The "Best of the Best" Sites for Skill Practice: 
  IXL - We LOVE IXL! Continue your diligent work on IXL at home! 
  NWEA Math Practice - Find games to practice your math skills using your NWEA math score.
  Math Playground - Great math games such as Escape from Fraction ManorThe X DetectivesDecention, and Space Racer X (and MANY more) that are fun to play and perfect for honing your skills! 

  ABCYa! - Scroll down to the "Numbers" section and check out cool games like Decimal Tiles, Fraction Tiles, Division Drag Races, Math Bingo, and Sudoku. You'll love it!

Ready to Ace Your Math Facts? Check Out These Sites:
  Free Rice - Multiplication Facts - Practice your multiplication facts and try to increase your speed and automaticity! For every answer you get correct, 10 grains of rice are donated through the World Food Programme to help end hunger! Very cool. 
  Free Rice - More Fact Practice! - For those who love Free Rice, here you can work your way through the levels (starting with addition) to get even more fact practice! 

Math Fact Shootout - Basketball fans, get ready to practice your facts and make some free throws! Be sure to pick a level that is challenging for you!
  Cross the Swamp - Help Little Ron (the monkey) cross the swamp while practicing your addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts!
  Math Magician - Are you a Math Magician? Challenge yourself while working your way through each level of the addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and mixed operation practice. You can do it!
  AplusMath - Have fun practicing your facts by examining Hidden Pictures, testing your memory with Concentration, playing Matho (Math + BINGO), and defending your planet in Planet Blaster!

  Math Mayhem - Yet another fantastic fact practice game!