High Frequency Word List for
 When working with your child on high frequency words, please follow this routine to help you.
1.      Display the word.
2.      Read the word.
3.      Tell your child he/she cannot BLEND the sounds in this word.
4.      Have your child say the letters in the word.
5.      Have your child repeat the word.
(Example: This is the word little. Say the letters with me: l, i, t, t, l, e, little.)
Unit 1 
I    am   can   and   the   little   on   it   to   a    at   in  

Unit 2
have   is   yes   no   up    we   my   like    did    will

if    as    he    for    mom    dad    big
Unit 3
me     she    see    look     him      play     so   you  

of    be
Unit 4
are     do    get    had     his     one   two    three  

four   five     an   has   here    go

Unit 5
yellow     blue   green   said    come

Additional color words:  orange   red   white 
pink   purple   gray   brown   black

Unit 6:  Unit six provides a review of all the words and skills that have been covered over the course of the first 5 units.