My goals throughout the year is to keep homework to a minimum. With that being said, we do have some things we expect all third graders to do on a nightly basis. Below you will find each subject taught in our classroom and the homework you will typically see come home. Please check your students planner on a nightly basis to ensure they are doing the right homework. Click the links (underlined text) to go to various videos or open PDF/Word Documents that will explain more about each job.
A. Read 30 minutes every night from a good fit book.
A. Daily Spelling Jobs - Spelling will be sent home only at a parent request or if a student has a grade of an S- or N at the midpoint of a quarter. Printable spelling sheets are on our website for families to print at their own leisure.
A. Flipped Math - Students will watch their videos from our Google Math Classroom. Each video, in the form of a google form assignment, will have the video and several questions they need to answer. Here are the steps for watching the videos:
  1. Go to

  2. On the top right of the site click SIGN IN

  3. Log in using student username and password information.

  4. Using google, search google classroom (while still logged in).

  5. Click the Google Classroom link and bookmark this link on your computer/laptop.

  6. Click on Math Christensen. The video will be in the streaming section, click the video that matches what is written in the planner.