Educational Websites and Helpful Links for Students and Parents

Online resources are a great tool to help parents and students prepare for work we will be doing in class. Students can expand on their learning in school using these great online sites at home. We will be using some of these sites throughout the year to enhance our curriculum.

Multi-Skilled Websites:

Interactive Learning Sites for Education - This site offers all of our core areas of instruction, including Music, Spanish, Art, and Keyboarding!

E-Learning for Kids - Students can pick from various modules, lessons, and games to practice reading, math, science and more!

ABCya! Elementary Computer and Activities and Games - Students can play various games that test their knowledge in a fun and interactive way.

FunBrain 3rd Grade Games - Students use FunBrain to play skill specific games that test their reading, math, and science skills.

Soft Schools - Students can find interactive games, online quizzes, and printable materials to help them practice third grade skills at home.

Turtle Daily - This site allows students to watch short video clips about skills and then practice the skills by answering questions after the video. Great for reviewing the skills we use in class.

Room Recess - These short games allow students to quickly practice their math and reading skills in a timed and un-timed setting.

Math Related Links/Games:

Everyday Math Curriculum Information
- This site will have information on our math curriculum and Family Letter Print Outs.

IXL Math - We currently use IXL Math as an extension to our Math Curriculum, students should have a user name and password to help teachers track their success.

Math Playground - Use Math Playground to practice your higher level math thinking skills. This is a great site for complex problems and algebra.

Learning Games for Kids - 3rd Grade MathThis site is great for learning and practicing math vocabulary words that students will be learning throughout the year. The skills are separated, with games/lessons for each skill.

AAA Math AAA Math has skill activities for all of our math state standards. This site allows students to practice their math skills as many times as they would like! Great site for continued practice of our old math skills we covered in previous units.

NWEA MAP MathAfter each NWEA Math Test, students are given a MAP score (range score) for the four main strands in 3rd Grade Math. Students can click on the skill strand and MAP score to practice skills at their level. They should practice at their level and move up as they achieve 90% accuracy on each skill.

HoodaMathHoodaMath has several fun games that will test your math and engineering skills.

Math Flash Cards - Students can use this online tool to replace paper flash cards. They can pick the skill and difficultly to help them improve on their math facts.

Science Related Links/Games:

Bill Please Waiter - Students learn about animal adaptations through examinations of birds and their beaks.

Astronomy For Kids - Students can explore the solar system and find interesting facts about the eight planets in our solar system.

NASA for Kids - A site created by NASA that explores our solar system and the stars in the night sky.

NEO K-12 Solar System for Kids - Students can learn about the solar system through short videos explaining various facts and information about each planet.

KidPort - Animals with Vertebrates - Read up on all animals with backbones.

Phases of the Moon - Information and Games about the Moons phases.

Sphero Bridge Building Sites

Building Big Bridges (PBS)

Garrett Bridge Design

Brantacan Examples of Bridges

Explain That Stuff: Bridges

Why are there so many types of bridges? (Video)

History of Bridges