Are you considering joining the PTA but just aren't sure yet? Well, let us help you learn the facts about why you should consider joining the PTA.

Myth #1. Only moms and teachers needs to join the PTA.

Fact: A strong PTA needs the support of parents, grandparents, family members, teachers, school staff, and the community. Anyone who cares about children belongs in the PTA!

Myth #2: Joining the PTA means I have to volunteer.

Fact: The PTA appreciates everyone's membership, whether or not a member volunteers. You will not be sucked into the black hole of volunteering--unless you want to!

Myth #3. I have to be a board member or chair a committee to join the PTA.

Fact: You do not have to serve on the PTA Board or chair a committee to join the PTA. Your beautiful smile and wonderful support will suffice!

Myth #4. It’s always the same people every year and everyone knows each other.

FACT: While we are fortunate to have dedicated volunteers who return, we also welcome new ones every year.

Myth #5. I don’t have the time to join the PTA.

Fact: You can volunteer as little or as much as your schedule allows. You can just come to meetings if that is all you have time for. Or you can sign up for an activity or even chair a committee if you desire. Whatever you do will be greatly appreciated.

Myth #6. I’ll get roped into volunteering if I attend a PTA meeting.

Fact: There will be opportunities to get involved, but no pressure. Just pass along the sign-up sheet if you are unable to participate. No judgment here! We just appreciate the chance to talk with you and get fresh, new ideas, and support!

Myth #7. The PTA is only for stay-at-home parents with nothing else to do.

Fact: Your fellow PTA members are family and community members who want to support the kids and the school. Every, single, currently participating member is juggling a job, bills, household chores, kids, sports, and homework, just like you!

Myth #8. My child’s life will be the same whether or not I join the PTA.

Fact: Not only does membership put you in direct communication with other parents and teachers, it shows your child that you are interested and invested in their educational experience. Research has proven that parental involvement within the child’s school increases academic achievements and decreases behavior issues. Also, the PTA does so much to make the child’s school experience better. If everyone felt this way, none of these wonderful activities and supports would be available to your student!

Myth #9. The PTA has all the help they need.

Fact: The PTA always wants and always needs volunteers! If you choose to volunteer, you decide your time commitment! The more volunteers available, the less time each volunteer has to spend volunteering, which gives other parents time to spend enjoying our events with their own families! If we have failed to contact you previously, it was truly an oversight, not an indication that we do not need, or want, your help!

Myth #10. I have an idea, but the PTA isn’t interested. They are a group of friends, who does not want anyone else involved, and wants things only their way.

Fact: Nothing could be further from the Fact! New ideas, and new friends, are always welcome! It is important to keep our PTA fresh and exciting!