Math Games

  • Guess My Number

Place the numbers 0 and 20 on a piece of paper.  Think of a number and have your child guess.  If the number is bigger than 0 cross off the 0 and replace it with their guess.  If the number is lower than 20 cross off the 20 and replace it with their guess. Continue until your number has been guessed.

  • Penny Dice Game

You will need: 20 pennies and a die  Take turns rolling the die and picking up as many pennies as indicated on the die until all the pennies have been picked up.  To pick up the last pennies, the number on the ide must match the number of pennies remaining.  The perosn with the most pennies wins the game

  • Bunny Hop

You will need to make a number line for each player starting at 0 and going to 20.  This can be done on paper, or outside using sidewalk chalk.  The zero is the rabbits' hole.  The 20 is the rabbits' carrot.  You will also need a die.  Roll the die, and you hop that many hops.  To reach 20 (the carrot) you must land on it exactly.  On the way back, you must land home (0) excactly too.