Learning Never Stops!  
Here are some ideas of activities to do at home to help you expand your thinking skills and grow dendrites!
  Practice our weekly robust vocabulary words for Language Arts and Math 
  Increase your automaticity with math facts by practicing online or with flash cards 
  Write a story using your weekly spelling words 
  Alphabetize your spelling words 
  Play "Top It" with a deck of cards using addition, subtraction, or multiplication facts
  Connect Math to "smart shopping" and being an informed consumer. Check out ads to plan the cost of purchases. Can you find the best deals? 
  Write a letter to a friend, relative, or other special person in cursive 
  Write a poem - free verse, haiku, diamante, acrostic...your choice! 
  Review key terms for Science and Social Studies 
  Visit the "Links" pages for each academic area and select a link that appeals to you 
  Research an area of interest and create a PowerPoint, report, or other project of interest to share with the class 
  Ask me for ideas of extension projects and activities at home
  ...and always remember to read, read, read! Try reading all kinds of materials: books, magazines, newspapers, recipes, jokes, game directions, plays, online websites, movie captions...the list goes on and on!