First Grade High Frequency Words

High Frequency Words are the most common words we will find in print. In fact, they make up more than half of what we read! Knowing these words is critical to becoming a good reader. High Frequency Words can be tricky because they can't always be sounded out and often times don't have a "visual" to connect them to. Students learn these words best through repetition. The more they read, write and hear them the more automatic the words will become.

We work on these words all year at school, but your support at home is greatly encouraged. I have included the list of our First Grade High Frequency Words for you to download, print and use as you wish. You could use them as flashcards or make games with them. There are many ideas on the web, so I have also included links to some great sites with ideas!

Thank you for your support in helping your student becoming a proficient reader. You are their most important teacher!