Kindergarten Supply List

Backpack (large enough to hold a library book and pair of shoes)
12 pencils(Ticonderoga brand)
2 large erasers
2  highlighters (any color)
1 pair of BLUNT scissors
3 wide lined spiral notebooks (70 count)
1 package of 3x5" notecards
1 large box of kleenix
1 large container of disinfectant wipes
12 Elmer's brand glue sticks
2 bottles of white Elmer’s school glue
2 boxes of 24 count crayons
2 two-pocket folders with bottom pockets
1 three-prong folder
1 pack washable markers
4 dry-erase markers AND 1 dry eraser or sock
1-1" heavy duty binder
headphone end.jpgHeadphones in a large ziploc bag (name on it) for computers/ipads (No angle connectors, straight end connector only - see photo)

Optional: $65 -check made out to Taher for snack cart; this is for the whole school year.

*Or you may send a healthy snack each day with your child: fruit, cereal bar, carrot sticks, etc. NO cookies, chips, candy bars, or other sugary snacks.  We do allow special snacks during birthdays or class celebrations.

Requests for additional supplies may be needed throughout the year.