Word Blending

Each week, we learn new word blending strategies to help us become better readers.  These strategies can be adding work endings (-ing, -ed), learning about the "H Brothers" (wh, sh, ch, th, ph), learning consonant blends (seeing two letters and hearing two sounds - st, cl, br), and learning vowel strategies.

Below are lists of word blending for each story that we read.  We go over these lists each week.  Practicing them at home will help your child succeed in reading.  The lists have many decodable words (words that can be decoded by blending) and high-frequency words (words that need to be "automatic" because most cannot be blended). 


Sam Came Back

Pig in a Wig

The Big Blue Ox

A Fox and a Kit

Get the Egg!

Animal Park


A Big Fish for Max

The Farmer in the Hat

Who Works Here?

The Big Circle

Life in the Forest

Honey Bees


An Egg is an Egg

Ruby in Her Own Time

Jan's New Home

Frog and Toad Together

I'm a Caterpillar

Where Are My Animal Friends?


Mama's Birthday Present

The Dot

Mister Bones:  Dinosaur Hunter

The Lady in the Moon

Peter's Chair

Henry and Mudge


Tippy Toe, Chick Go!

Mole and Baby Bird

Dot and Jabber

Simple Machines

Alexander Graham Bell

Ben Franklin