Hey Awesome KoMet Kids!  

Here are some great websites to use to work on your skills and keep learning and growing!

Here is one of the best sites I've found in a long time! It will really help you "dig in" to books! Simply click HERE--- get your "key", and begin exploring and learning! Fun activities and great learning! 

Poetry Fun:
Click HERE to make a WORDLE.....super cool! Express yourself! 

Click HERE to make your very own acrostic NAME poem! You are so unique!
Let's write a DIAMANTE poem! Click HERE to get started!


Click HERE to practice your SEQUENCING skills....are you able to put these events in order? 


Vocabulary ~ (learning new words, Greek & Latin affixes)

Here is a win-win! You get to enrich your vocabulary and learn TONS of great words, while earning rice to send to families in need around the world! That's right....for each correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated through the World Food Programme to end hunger! Awesome! Check out this site:  https://freerice.com/categories/english-vocabulary
Do you want yet another fantabulous, ridiculously amazing way to study words and terms...especially those used specifically in the NWEA test? I bet you do! Click HERE to access a great site where you can learn, practice, and play games with the terms used.  You can even scroll down to listen to the terms and definitions by clicking on the sound button.

Knowing Latin and Greek word parts can open the doors to knowing so many words! Click HERE for a fun game to learn, learn, learn! 
Let's practice and learn Greek and Latin roots! Click HERE to play Roots Concentration! Click HERE for a chance to represent a country in the Olympics and play, "It's Greek to Me!"